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ThirdScribe Tool Tip: Forums

Forums are a pretty fantastic way to build a community. They’re accessible, familiar, functional, searchable, with a structure that is intuitive to use. Forums and message boards are perhaps the oldest social structure on the web. Here’s how ThirdScribe makes it easy for authors to have a forum to connect with their readers.

How to Prepare for the Kindleocalypse

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of Christmas fast approaching. With every minute we are one step closer to Christmas morning, where if Amazon has their way, there will be approximately one million new Kindles opened. You read that correctly, ONE MILLION! All those brand new Kindle owners are going to be looking to stock up on books so they can use their new toy. Do you have a plan in place? If not, we have some tips to help you prepare.

How to Make a Powerful Landing Page For Your Book

It’s very useful to bring all of your promotional efforts surrounding your book together into a nice, neat, and compelling package. Whether you call it a “Landing Page”, a book page, or a promo page — the purpose is clear: to bring your marketing “A-Game” to the table. In this post we show you how you can use ThirdScribe tools to create a powerful landing page in just a few minutes.

How Authors Can Use Analytics To Make Marketing Easier

Accurate analytics is the best way to figure out what is working and what is not. How does guest blogging work for you? What about your email campaigns? Do pictures, buttons, or text links on your website get clicked on the most? Are there stores where people click to but then abandon during the sale process? Here’s how you can set up your analytics to figure all of this out!