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Make Your Own Custom Writing Progress Meter

One of the most viewed elements on an author’s website is their writing progress. Readers are very interested in knowing how that next book is coming along. While there are a few plugins available, sometimes there is a need to have a meter in the main content — or even, just to dress it up a little to help it stand out. Here is a tutorial with sample code on how to make a custom progress meter on your website.

The Oldest Social Media Trick In The Book

Happy Thursday, everyone! I am glad to be back to posting after our transition, and I hope you’re happy to be reading my posts again. Most of you don’t know this, but I recently suffered a loss in my family.  I spent many of the hours surrounding my grandma’s passing with my family, getting to […]

How to Make a Twitter Card

Happy Friday, everyone! Earlier this week you may have heard that I attended the Twitter Academy and learned a fancy new marketing skill. You may also have seen some tweets that looked a bit different coming from me (Marissa) that were retweeted by ThirdScribe. Just like all things that we discuss, share, promote, or offer […]

Unleashing The Power Of The Pin

How to build your audience with pictures! Images play a vital role in modern web marketing. They are pinned, shared, tweeted, and posted. Often times, it’s the image that is shared more than the article that contains it. And, if it’s good enough (or bad enough), one picture can change your entire brand in an instant.

How To Spice Up Your Blog With Color and Texture

When you write a blog post, don’t just drop in a huge chunk of text — add some color and texture to break it up and look nice. Not only does it make it text easier to read online, but more often to be shared. ThirdScribe websites have built in capabilities to help your blog stand out — and here’s how you use them!

One Simple Way to Increase Newsletter Signups and Book Sales

Many people have a problem asking for help. We rarely ask for help in our lives, and we often don’t in our blogs, either. But, that’s what we need to do. We need to ask for people to join our services, sign up for our newsletters, and buy our books. Marketers call this a “Call To Action” and using it is vital to motivating people on the web. Here is a trick to take the pain out of that extra coding and ensure you put that super-important element in every post!