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How to Make a Twitter Card

Happy Friday, everyone! Earlier this week you may have heard that I attended the Twitter Academy and learned a fancy new marketing skill. You may also have seen some tweets that looked a bit different coming from me (Marissa) that were retweeted by ThirdScribe. Just like all things that we discuss, share, promote, or offer […]

The 5 Ways Authors Can Use Instagram

I know it might seem a bit strange to be talking to the champions of the written word about an app that rarely has a complete sentence accompanying each post, but I’m doing it. Studies have show that Instagram has a higher user interaction rate than Twitter, with interaction being categorized as anything beyond a […]

The Three Secrets to Author Blogging

Three things really come into play when it comes to authors marketing online — and, make no mistake, if you are an author, and you are online, you are marketing (whether you know it or not). They are not expensive, nor do they take that long, but they are SUPER important. If you aren’t doing these, you are really missing out.

6 Things Author Websites Must Have

A lot of authors have dropped some serious bills on their websites — but they still aren’t helping them grow their audience or improve their sales. We tell you what the 6 necessary elements of an author website are, why they’re important, and how anyone can get them.

Author Profiles Should Not Be Overlooked

So you know how some mornings you wake up, get ready, leave the house, drive to work and suddenly can’t seem to remember if you left the iron on? There were so many other things on your mind, so many other things to do, that one thing may have been overlooked?  That’s what I’ve come […]