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The Oldest Social Media Trick In The Book

Happy Thursday, everyone! I am glad to be back to posting after our transition, and I hope you’re happy to be reading my posts again. Most of you don’t know this, but I recently suffered a loss in my family.  I spent many of the hours surrounding my grandma’s passing with my family, getting to […]

Exclusivity is Valuable — The Power Of Your Own Social Network

Our social network isn’t designed to be a packed airport shoving people through in a rush, herding them past stores and on the way towards another destination. No, we’re more like the First Class Lounge. A quiet place, with comfortable chairs, nice snacks, and free drinks. A place where you can sit back and have a chat with a colleague or a fellow traveler.

It’s Time To Celebrate Our Irish Authors

As this day is a celebration of Irish Culture, or at least was originally intended as such, we are using it to celebrate our Irish authors! Please check out their books, leave reviews for any you have read both on our site and on additional sites, and raise a cheer to their hard work on the 17th with some green beer or nice whiskey.  Now, without further ado, here they are in alphabetical order with a few of their books.