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Spotlight on Craig Johnson

While listening to Craig Johnson on the Author Stories Podcast this week, he told Hank a story about how the show Longmire was recognized pretty often, but many had no idea it was based on his book series The Walt Longmire Mysteries. I just thought that was crazy, but it likely happens more and more […]

Spotlight on Forbes West

Forbes West is many things: controversial Facebooker, Alistair Foley suspect, screenwriter, award winning film producer, hilarious podcaster, and an exceptional author. For our first spotlight post, we’re all about scifi’s madman. Check him out.

A Simpler Author Dashboard

A great website doesn’t just look good on the outside, it also has to be easy to use on the inside. Over the last 6 months, we’ve been planning, testing, and now implementing a new author dashboard that is easier to navigate, simpler to use, and nicer to look at it.