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Anne Rice and the Return of Lestat

Anne Rice burst onto the literary scene in 1976 with her classic “Interview With The Vampire”, the first in a string of best sellers that has spanned over 35 novels. Her latest, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, was just released.

Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan is a best selling fantasy author, best known for his Riyria series. His stories are framed after the old days of fantasy, reminiscent of Tolkein, Brooks, Eddings, and Lieber. Click through to listen to his recent interview for Author Stories and see the complete Riyria series.

Spotlight on Craig Johnson

While listening to Craig Johnson on the Author Stories Podcast this week, he told Hank a story about how the show Longmire was recognized pretty often, but many had no idea it was based on his book series The Walt Longmire Mysteries. I just thought that was crazy, but it likely happens more and more […]

Spotlight on Forbes West

Forbes West is many things: controversial Facebooker, Alistair Foley suspect, screenwriter, award winning film producer, hilarious podcaster, and an exceptional author. For our first spotlight post, we’re all about scifi’s madman. Check him out.