Powering the Book Community

Effective immediately, our entire web infrastructure and tool set is available to all members of the book community.

Whether you are a reader, author, publisher, book blogger, book vlogger, editor, cover artist, book formatter, or any combination thereof, ThirdScribe is here to support you.

Our websites set up in minutes, maintain and update themselves, and contain a huge feature set that caters to the needs of book lovers of all kinds.

Here’s what they can do for you:

ThirdScribe sites are fully responsive, so they look great on every device.

Readers: ThirdScribe site provides a powerful book management capability that can let you organize, view, and share your digital library in much higher fidelity than GoodReads or LibraryThing.

Authors: Our platform provides authors with all of the tools and integrations they need to promote their brand, sell their books, and grow their newsletters all in one place. A blog, book management, pop-ups, slide-outs, newsletter integrations, landing pages, statistics, ecommerce storefront, user guides, support system, and more.

Reviewers and Book Bloggers: A flexible template that is easily customized and chock full of the things you need to make writing reviews and growing your readership easier. Special Formatting codes, Review stars, Advanced SEO support, newsletter integration, and a book management system – all backed by a WordPress core.

I’ve set up a mini-site to show and explain more of what a ThirdScribe powered website can do, the starting templates you can choose from, and even a showcase spotlighting what some of our members have done with theirs.

ThirdScribe websites start at free and are fully unlocked for just $5/mo.

Website Features and Templates
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About Rob McClellan

Rob is the founder of ThirdScribe, a unique author services platform and social network. As a naval officer and diver, he spent a majority of his career doing a lot more than you would think with a lot less than you can imagine — a skill that has proven extremely valuable in the start-up world. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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