Book Promotion Tags Are Go!

The ThirdScribe 4.0 upgrade is complete and the first feature to announce are book promotion tags.

With this feature, authors and publishers can easily and quickly mark their books, in real time, for any sale or promotion they have going on.

Discounting the first book in a series? Got a Kindle Daily Deal going on? GoodReads giveaway? Or maybe just a free copy if you sign up for a newsletter. From now on, an author can go to their book’s page in ThirdScribe and instantly place a promotional tag on their book. And, that promotional tag will show EVERYWHERE that book appears.

What do we mean by “everywhere”? We mean that wherever that book appears in the entire ThirdScribe network – the book page, author website, book bloggers, TBRs, main book index, recommendations tabs, book reviews, book lists – people will see that promotion.

What We’re Talking About

Here’s an example: The Red King, the first book of the WYRD series by Nick Cole, is on permafree. You can get it for free from Kindle, Nook, and Nick’s own newsletter signup. Before, you would have to be on a mailing list, or glued to Nick’s social media feed, or be told be a friend that this book was available for free. If you read a review somewhere, you probably wouldn’t know about it.

Now, though, anywhere you see that book, you’re going to know you can get it for free. And not only that, but you’ll see exactly where and under what terms.

And, it’s not just free! There are promotional flags for Sales and Giveaways as well.

And, as soon as the promotion is over, all the author has to do is go back to the book card and turn it off – instantly, just as easily as it appeared, the promotional tag will disappear.

Here’s how it looks:


On The Book Page

On The Author’s Website

On Shelves, Reviews, Lists, Recommendations, and Blog Posts on Other Sites


Going Beyond Email

Email newsletters are great, but, as authors know, they take time to grow. And, many readers aren’t that interested in signing up – but they are interested in finding a good deal on new books.

Promotional tags are an easy, visual, unobtrusive way for authors to let their readers know that a book has a promotional event going on. And, thanks to our Enter Once system, it can reach far beyond just a single site.

Authors, imagine if anyone who blogged about or reviewed your book, or who had it in their favorites list or library shelf, could instantly know and share your Flash Sale, Kindle Daily Deal, or launch discount?

Readers, consider a smart TBR that would let you know the perfect time to buy. No email, spam, or unsubscribing. Just a friendly visual cue in your TBR, letting you know what’s what and where to get it.

Book Bloggers, what if your reviews were always in demand, always current. If your content was never old or out of date? If there was always a new reason to visit your site?

There will always be a need for email, but if authors and publishers can spread the word about their books through the books themselves, we think there will be more of a need for author websites, book bloggers, and book reviewers.

Even BookBub, the super deal delivery service, is ignored by more than 95% of subscribers. Email helps, but maybe it isn’t the only way to spread the word about book deals. Or even the best way.

Personally, I’d rather readers and authors work together to share great books. Where an author website is more than a push for an email subscriber and book blogs are a destination instead of an afterthought.

We think this is a step in that direction.

About Rob McClellan

Rob is the founder of ThirdScribe, a unique author services platform and social network. As a naval officer and diver, he spent a majority of his career doing a lot more than you would think with a lot less than you can imagine — a skill that has proven extremely valuable in the start-up world. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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