The Best of 2016: Most Viewed Posts

best-of-2016-tallAs we close out the past year and look towards the new, we’re taking a second to look back at ThirdScribe’s “Best Of” for 2016, starting with the most viewed blog posts.

With 639,498 page views from 406,573 visitors, we continue our year-over-year growth trend by doubling our 2015 stats. These numbers represent real people who came to see either books in the catalog or pages/posts by members.

There are those who feel that blogging is not worth an author’s time to do, but I disagree. A well written blog post can work wonders and if done right can not only share your brand, but make some sales and grow your newsletter. Not only is it YOUR content (as opposed to a post on a social network), it is a form of outreach that can continue to work on it’s own.

Below are the top ten blog posts from the ThirdScribe network, each having been read tens of thousands of times (one over a hundred thousand times). A couple of these are actually over a year old and they still get dozens – even hundreds! – of page views every day.

The trick, as always, is to write about things that your readers are interested in.

Here are the top ten blog posts that brought readers to author sites in 2016:

Review: YETI Tumbler vs. RTIC Tumbler

Banned by the Publisher


11 Alternatives to GoodReads

Tumbler Review: Reduce vs RTIC vs Ozark Trail

Harvesting Wheat by Hand

Treating a Bullet Wound with Processed White Sugar

SAMIZDAT: Thoughtcrime and Traditional Publishing

Review: Thermik Handle For RTIC/YETI Tumblers

Celebrity Advertising

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