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We opened up the ThirdScribe Book Catalog to all members this week, so I wanted to do a quick post on the new books that were entered. I’ll probably keep doing posts like this each week for as long as it is practical — sooner or later more books will get posted than we can easily show in a blog post.

Quick Tip: Add Books, Get Paid
In case you didn’t know, unlike on services like GoodReads, LibraryThing, or Riffle, book purchase links are not set by ThirdScribe — they are set by the users entering the books. So, using your own affiliate links is totally fair game. Actually, we encourage it. It’s our way of giving back to the community. While it’s easy to enter books, it does take a little bit of time, so we feel that if you’re spending the time you should get something for it. Allowing users to collect affiliate commissions from vendors is an easy way to make that happen.

Currently, 25% of user clicks on the ThirdScribe network are to purchase books (the rest are for sharing books). So, not too bad.

That being said, here’s the 20 most recently added books this week:

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