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Forbes West is many things: controversial Facebooker, Alistair Foley suspect, screenwriter, award winning film producer, hilarious podcaster, and an exceptional author.

Forbes (@forbeswest2013) has been making the rounds lately as a result of the re-issue of his first novel, Nighthawks At The Mission, one of my favorite books of the last year (you can see a screenshot of my review above). Together with his short stories Once Upon A Time in Temecula 1 & 2, they form the Oberon books – and I hope to see a lot more stories of that world from this writer in the future.

For this, our first spotlight post, I’ve collected some of Forbes’ recent appearances on 30 Minute Author Interviews and Literary Outlaws, as well as an episode of his very own podcast, Live At the Benbow Inn.

These “Spotlight” posts are our way at ThirdScribe to focus some attention on the happenings of authors, both new and established, using the many tricks in our arsenal. There’ll be more of these coming, so stay tuned.

But, for today, we focus on Forbes. Enjoy the podcasts, he’s a terrific guest. And if you’re into scifi, definitely check out his books below. You won’t regret it.

Listen to Forbes

Episode 14 | Forbes West

Live at the Benbow Inn: Season One Finale!

Episode 12 | Forbes West


The Books of the Oberon

The Dead Keys

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