How To Make Changes To Your Books in ThirdScribe

Things change, we get it.

Links get added, cover art is changed, titles adjusted, descriptions refined. It happens all the time.

In a conventional website, an author or publisher would have to track down every page, post, and sidebar the book was ever in and change it at each individual location and appearance. If you have the book listed in its own dedicated page, in your sidebar, in a central book index, and in a few blog posts where you mentioned or promoted it… Well, that can add up to a lot of work.

ThirdScribe’s book information system, Enter Once, makes it super easy to update your book, everywhere it has ever appeared, all at once. We do that by changing the information at the source: the Book Page.

We encourage our authors to use Enter Once when placing their books in their sites, and every Author Page and Author Website is configured that way to start. Enter Once draws the book information from each individual book page, so whatever is in that book page is what is used to place the book in your page or site. This includes cover art, purchase links, reviews, etc.

Editing book information is designed to be done entirely from the front end of the site — no need to go into dashboards or configure code. Just go to the book page itself and make the changes (remember, you have to be logged in to make changes).

Step 1. Go To The Book Page

Change Book Click Cover

The fastest and easiest way to get to any Book Page is to click on the cover art on your author page or site. You can also get there by searching for your book in the Book Index (as in the image above). Whichever is easiest for you.

Step 2. Click on “Manage” To Access The Admin Area

Change Book Click Manage

The book information is all contained “behind the scenes” in the Book Page’s admin area. To get there, click on “Manage” in the book page menu options. Only the author of the book can see this link.

Step 3. Find and Make The Changes

Change Book Admin Area

Details: Book Title, Book Description, Author

Settings: Different book page settings, like whether the book is hidden or public, who can use the event calendar, etc.

Cover Art: Changes the cover art of the book

Header Image: Changes the wide image across the top of the book page.

Members: Want to promote a member to be a Moderator of for your book page? You do that here.

Book Details: This tab houses the specifics to the book: series name, purchase links, genre, subgenre, publisher, stuff like that.

Forums: Controls whether the Book has a dedicated forum or not.

Extras: Enables the author to create extra content pages. Great for including a Preview, character bios, behind the scene information, or prompts for an email newsletter.

Delete: This is the button of last resort. Seriously, be careful here because it’s permanent.
And that’s it. Once the changes are made in the Book Page, they will automatically appear everywhere on your ThirdScribe Author Page or Website. In fact, those changes will appear everywhere in the entire network.

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Rob is the founder of ThirdScribe, a unique author services platform and social network. As a naval officer and diver, he spent a majority of his career doing a lot more than you would think with a lot less than you can imagine — a skill that has proven extremely valuable in the start-up world. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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