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We’ve been making quite a few updates over the last few weeks, one of which is the expansion of the Member Profile to improve posting activities, writing messages, and blogging. We’ve also made it more personal and better looking on mobile.

Why are we doing this? Simple:

We want to make it as easy as possible for authors, readers, and publishers to talk to each other.


Here’s what we changed and how it works:

Bringing The Activity To You

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.35.02 PM

Now the update box is right there in the center of the member profile, as well as the stream filters so members can have easier access to updates and more control over what they see, directly from their profile (previously this was only in the dedicated Activity page).

Unlike other book networks, ThirdScribe members can make text updates as well as add images, links, and video. Because, let’s face it, that’s how we actually communicate online. Our philosophy is that being a book network doesn’t mean members should have sub-par tools. Anything you can do on Facebook or twitter, you can do here.

And, if you see a post, review, or update you want to save to read later, go ahead and click “Favorite” and it will be bookmarked under the “Favorite” tab in your profile so you can easily find it again when you’re ready.

Making It More Personal and Accessible

TS Profile Info
Rob Profile Mobile
More personal and more responsive

We want members to own their digital real estate on ThirdScribe, so we added a way to personalize it and make it your own with cover images for all members. And, it doesn’t just look good on a desktop, but it carries all the way through to mobile as well.

For readers, we want ThirdScribe to be a comfortable place on the web where you can discuss and share your “book” life. For authors, your member profile should not only be a way to interact with your readers, but should also be an extension of your brand.

Made For Mobile

Bunker Profile phone
Bunker goodreads phone
bunker LT phone
Our latest version compared to Goodreads and LibraryThing

Currently, 52% of traffic to the ThirdScribe network is via mobile device — and that’s up from 30% last year.

More and more people are reading, posting, and interacting from mobile devices, be it phones or tablets. And this trend isn’t just for ThirdScribe, it’s across the entire internet. Mobile is quickly solidifying as the primary means for people to access and use the web.

ThirdScribe was designed for mobile from the start, and this update makes it even better. Our latest generation profile page not only surpasses our previous version, it takes giant leaps beyond other book-based networks on the web. It’s not even close.

And we don’t use a limited app — everything you can do on the desktop, you can do just as easily from your phone or tablet.

A Pleasurable Blogging Experience

Voice Draft Neo v1
Blogging with Voice is a first class writing experience.

Other book blogging platforms are stuck in the stone age, and that’s a crying shame. We want ThirdScribe members to have a pleasurable writing experience that is easy to use and completely shareable.

Whether you’re jotting down your thoughts on the industry, sharing your latest experience at a convention or signing, writing original stories or fanfic, or anything else you care to write about, Voice makes it easy, fun, and completely shareable. You can even sync it via RSS to GoodReads, BookLikes, your Amazon Author profile, Bloglovin, and more.

To access this feature, just click on “Blog” in your Member profile.

Messaging Friends

TS Profile Messages
Civilized messaging.

Part of making something fun is that you can put it down for a while to go an enjoy your real life. Messaging on ThirdScribe works more like email than chat, so you don’t have to be tied to it to enjoy it.

Organizing Your Forum Activity

TS Profile Forums
Never hunt again – your profile will keep all of your forum discussions in one place.

Forums are pretty awesome, but they can get overwhelming in a hurry. To prevent this, ThirdScribe member profiles keep all of your forum topics, replies, subscriptions, and favorite posts right there at your fingertips.

No more prowling and scrolling to find that buried discussion thread — With ThirdScribe, just go to your profile.

About Rob McClellan

Rob is the founder of ThirdScribe, a unique author services platform and social network. As a naval officer and diver, he spent a majority of his career doing a lot more than you would think with a lot less than you can imagine — a skill that has proven extremely valuable in the start-up world. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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