The Oldest Social Media Trick In The Book

SM trickHappy Thursday, everyone! I am glad to be back to posting after our transition, and I hope you’re happy to be reading my posts again.

Most of you don’t know this, but I recently suffered a loss in my family.  I spent many of the hours surrounding my grandma’s passing with my family, getting to understand each person at a deeper level than I had previously.  While we were having lunch one day my grandpa said something profound, he said he needed to figure out what his purpose was going to be for the rest of his life.  This led to a discussion about all the purposes that he’s found along his life’s path and all the different hats he’s worn both professionally and in his personal life.  

This conversation led me to think about how we each have areas that we are experts in that weigh into our daily interactions and intrinsic knowledge.  I then realized that I needed to share something from my past: the social media trick that every beauty/fashion company has been using since the birth of social media.

First up, we are going to look at a hair extension company called Halocouture. I follow them on both Facebook and Instagram partially because I’m in awe over their rise from obscurity to being in demand, and partially because I remember making these when I worked on movie/tv sets. I always thought that these should be sold commercially and now they finally are!

Now we are going to jump to a clothing brand called USTrendy. I only follow them on Instagram, but just like with Halocouture, they are using the same strategies on all their social media sites.

Now to the good stuff.

Everyone Loves to Win Something

I have stolen posts from both companies and shared them below. You will notice that both companies use the exact same giveaway technique. In order to receive the item that is being given away, followers need to either share the post (on facebook/twitter) or screen shot the item they want and share that on their own social media account.

This tactic guarantees that people who are not currently following their brand will not only learn that their friend believes in them (almost like a recommendation), but also they will be in front of an audience that might not have found them previously. There are typically rules that the user also needs to fill out a form with their information (newsletter sign ups are prompted) so they can be contacted if they won. They also require the person entering to follow them on the social network that they are using to enter the contest (which can lead to an audience for upcoming announcements).

When the winner(s) is announced, it is done so publicly across their social media sites, and they tag the winner on the network that they won on.
I’m sure you’re all getting where I am going with this…

How Authors Can Apply This Technique

Authors, just like these fashion companies, have something that they can give away that their followers want. It could be a signed book, a poster, their name in the acknowledgments section of your next book, a personal handwritten letter from you, an online hangout with a small group to discuss your novel(s).  In order to give these things away, you could create a post like the ones above showcasing what it is and how your readers can get it.  To receive the prize they would need to:

  • sign up for your newsletter
  • share your post across the social network they are entering in
  • follow you on social media (if they aren’t already)

To make it easier on yourself, make sure you request those that are entering use a predetermined hashtag for the contest (so you can find the entries easily).

Pro Tip: These companies usually choose their winners based upon those whose posts have the most likes, or they themselves have the most followers in hopes that when the winner is tagged in your announcement post there will be the largest possible number of people viewing what you’ve shared again.

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I hope this was insightful today, and that you all increase your followers, which can eventually translate to readers, by using this trick!



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