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Happy Friday, everyone!

Earlier this week you may have heard that I attended the Twitter Academy and learned a fancy new marketing skill. You may also have seen some tweets that looked a bit different coming from twitter cardme (Marissa) that were retweeted by ThirdScribe. Just like all things that we discuss, share, promote, or offer we want to test it out ourselves first to make sure that it’s useful before passing along any information. This was probably one of the quickest decisions I’ve made on usefulness, as I think we all could benefit from using Twitter cards!

The way the class was taught to us was via a slide show and a scripted live voice.  As I was watching it I  started thinking that it would be much more helpful to see the steps in action, so I decided to make you all a video explaining the process. I hope this is helpful, and that I start seeing Twitter cards all over my feed these next few weeks.

Watch our video to learn how to make Twitter cards! #authorsupport #marketingsupport Click To Tweet

If you like how in this video you can see both my face and my screen, make sure you come back next week to see the tutorial on how you can do it yourself.



Also, this is the last call for our authors of Irish descent to let either Rob or I know who you are. We need your names by Wednesday 3/11 at the latest — message us on ThirdScribe if you want to be involved.

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  1. Profile Cover Art

    Twitter cards are a great addition to your overall marketing campaign and useful for brand recognition. I run about a dozen twitter cards across different accounts, from my author account to our educational apps, and locally for our flower shop. They are an excellent tool to have in your box. You only pay per click, not impression, so the cards are like an ad that runs in prime time to your audience. For example, I only show my author newsletter cards to people on kindles, pcs, and macs, and narrow my audience to readers.

    Twitter support is also very kind at setting up a targeted campaign if you choose to go that route.

    A very important note – go through the device lists in the campaigns and eliminate all but the devices you believe will connect to your website or newsletter. When I began my first campaign I used the defaults, received a lot of clicks, but no confirmations on the site side. A discussion with Twitter support revealed the issue of smart phones dropping the twitter link due to the technology of the phone or due to the phone’s internet connection. I dropped those devices from my campaign, keeping only Kindles, Macs, and PCs, and found, that though the click throughs were reduced, they were one for one.

    • Profile Cover Art

      You do. I am so sorry for forgetting to mention that! You need to enter one to get access to make the cards, but your credit card won’t be charged unless you create a paid campaign.

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